Programs and partnerships


Queensland University of Technology - Dr Tom Cooper - YuMi Deadly Maths

Lowood SS is currently undertaking a three year partnership with the YuMi Deadly Centre at QUT, working in conjunction with university researchers to formalise a consistent Maths pedagogy used in all classes across the school. The YuMi Deadly Maths program is a unique mathematics program developed to improve the capacity of Prep to Year 9 school teachers to teach mathematics. It aims for the highest level of mathematics understanding, through activity that engages students, and involves parents and community. The program is unique in its focus on creativity, structure and culture with regard to mathematics and on whole-of-school change with regard to implementation.

Originally designed for Indigenous students, the program has been successfully adapted to low SES students and mainstream schools. With a focus on how to teach, an emphasis on big ideas and connecting mathematics topics, and a special pedagogy that starts and ends with students' reality, it is effective for all students. The YDM program follows the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and fits in with or extends many existing projects and teaching approaches (e.g. First Steps).

The YuMi Deadly Maths program is designed to enhance mathematics learning outcomes, improve participation in higher mathematics subjects, and improve student employment and life chances.

University of Queensland – Dr Katie Makar - Guided Inquiry in Mathematics

From 2007 to 2012, teachers at Lowood SS engaged with Mathematics researchers from Queensland University to study and utilise inquiry teaching approaches in Mathematics.  The involvement of teachers in this project revolutionised the way Maths is being taught in our classrooms.  Throughout the project, student engagement and mathematical understanding improved markedly.  In addition, the attitude and confidence of both teachers and students with respect to Maths teaching and learning was enhanced.

While this project has now ended, Lowood teachers still benefit from consultation with the primary researcher and have been able to embed this teaching strategy into the YuMi Maths cycle currently being implemented.

University of Kansas Centre for Research on Learning - Dr Jim Knight – Pedagogy and Instructional Coaching

‘The key to helping teachers achieve their personal best is providing them with effective instructional practices’ (Dr Jim Knight, 2013). 

Lowood SS has the privilege of having a unique relationship with world-renowned researcher and educator, Dr Jim Knight, who is supporting and consulting with us as we implement our Pedagogical Framework based on his research.  Dr Knight has provided us with an innovative professional development strategy – instructional coaching - that facilitates change, improves instruction and positively transforms school culture.  Jim has also presented workshops to Lowood staff focussing on high-leverage teaching strategies that make the biggest difference in student learning.

Lowood State School is the only school in Queensland to have this direct working relationship with Dr Knight, whose work is currently the basis of coaching programs being utilised in many Queensland state schools.

Last reviewed 14 June 2019
Last updated 14 June 2019